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I have produced a variety of webpages and websites on audio-related topics. Some are on my personal website, other - more technical - ones are on my University website. The following is a set of brief descriptions of these pages/sites with links you can follow if interested.

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The following pages are based on articles that first appeared in Hi Fi News magazine. The dates given are the cover-date of the issue of the magazine when the original version of the article was published. Many of the pages below contain extra material which wasn't included in the magazine versions.

You can click on one of the following buttons to jump to the items for a specific section.

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The following pages are on a variety of audio related topics. They were mostly prompted by discussions on usenet (newsgroups) or by things I have read on the web or in books or magazines.

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The above articles include results I obtained by using computer programs I wrote for that purpose. Most of the programs I have written for working with soundfiles are for the RISC OS operating system. Some of them are available via the Archive Magazine pages above. However I have recently also started using Linux and the ROX filer/desktop. Hence I have also begun the process of producing ROX/Linux versions of my software. The newest versions of the software - in both RISC OS and ROX/Linux versions - are now available from my software webpage.

You might like to visit Keith Howard’s Audio Signal website. In addition to a number of interesting articles, it provides some Windows executables for similar tasks. In particular, it now provides a Windows executable for analysing and plotting the statistics of the dynamics of sound files. This is called dynamicsanalysis and can be obtained via his freeware page. It can be used to obtain results similar to those in articles like the ones on Clipping on CD and Sound on Vision, above.

If you are also interested in non-audio topics, the main index page for my personal websites can be visited by clicking here.

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